Our luxurious porches are made exclusively from high quality materials which are resistant to all weather conditions. They are fitted with guttering and in addition, during the construction process all of the structural elements are impregnated and protected against damp.

The external façades are made of structural plasters containing resin which we then coated with two layers of specifically manufactured exterior paint. These paints are available in numerous colours.

The canopies are covered with thick bituminous roofing shingles which are again offered in various colours and a choice of shapes.

In accordance with the latest building regulations, all our double glazing units which are manufactured solely for the glazing of roofs and walls, are fitted with toughened glass. These are, of course, available in almost any dimension to suit your personal requirements. As an optional extra it is also possible to order Velux roof windows. This is protected and stained to the required colour and then finished with two coats of gloss varnish or wax.

No building permission required for conservatories